Baby Safety Snap Lanyard

Baby Safety Snap Lanyard

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In 2018, 48 babies have died in hot cars. That is one death every eight days. One in four parents have forgotten a baby in a car.

The Baby Safety Snap lanyard helps drivers remember that they have a “BABY IN CAR”. It was recently featured on a Good Morning Americal Cover Story. Attached to the highly visible lanyard is metal tab that fits all baby seat buckles. It snaps into the baby seat buckle when the seat is not occupied. When the baby is placed in the seat, the driver will remove the tab from the buckle and place the lanyard around their neck. The baby is then buckled into the seat.

The driver wears the lanyard until they reach their destination. The driver then removes the lanyard, unbuckles the baby, and snaps the lanyard's metal tab back into the buckle for the next driver.  The baby is safe and leaves the vehicle with the driver.

If the baby is forgotten, the highly visible Baby Safety Snap lanyard still worn by the driver will remind the driver, family members, coworkers and even strangers on the street that there is a “BABY IN CAR".

The tab on the lanyard snaps into the baby seat buckle when not in use. It will fit over 99% baby seat buckles for baby seats sold at Walmart, Target, Toys R Us and other major retail stores. It will also fit all baby car seats made by Evenflow, Graco, Britax, Safety 1st, Cosco, Disney and all other major brands. The Baby Safety Snap includes a breakaway for additional safety.