Gun Safety Snap

Gun Safety Snap

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The Gun Safety SnapTM reminds gun owners to lock up their guns. It works with all handguns, rifles, shotguns, locks, lock boxes and safes. 

The Gun Safety Snap includes bright yellow webbing with the words LOCK UP THE GUN printed on it. Attached to the webbing is a loop of black elastic webbing that can be snapped around the lock, pistol grip, or rifle barrel. 

When the gun owner unlocks the gun, the Gun Safety Snap webbing is then placed in a highly visible location in the home. It might be looped onto the refrigerator door handle or the bathroom door knob. The snaps on the ends of the webbing allows it to be snapped through a looped door or cabinet handle. The presence of the Gun Safety Snap will periodically remind the gun owner and others that a gun has been unlocked.  If the gun owner leaves the home, upon return, the presence of the Gun Safety Snap will remind them to lock-up the gun. 

When the gun owner wants to lock their gun, they will retrieve the Gun Safety Snap and bring it to the gun and lock. They will then lock the gun and snap the black elastic webbing onto the lock or gun. This ensures that the gun owner or another authorized user will not have to look for the Gun Safety Snap. 

The small elastic loop should be sized to fit snugly to the lock or gun. (Excess webbing may be cut off.)  When there are multiple guns in a safe the owner will loop or attach a Gun Safety Snap to each gun that is frequently used. Different needs may require different uses of the Gun Safety Snap. 

If the guns are stored in a lock box or safe, the owner may purchase and use magnets instead. Simply remove the black elastic webbing and replace it with a large split keyring. Magnets can be placed on the lock box or safe, and the kitchen refrigerator. The owner can readily move the move the Gun Safety Snap between magnets. 

The Gun Safety Snap is always attached to the gun (or lock box/safe), or displayed in a prominent location in the home. All household members should encourage everyone to follow the same routine.

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