Map and Compass Navigation

The Perfect PlotterTM is lamented within heavy clear plastic.  When placed over a nautical chart, map, smart phone or GPS display, the plotter easily displays the bearing corrected for your local magnetic variation. (There is no need to remember to subtract or add compass degrees for your area.) This easily used plotter replaces the need for parallel rulers and is easily used, even if paddling or sailing a small boat. The Perfect PlotterTM has a hole near the top with short looped cord to conveniently attach the plotter to the compass, chart case, or other convenient item near the helm. This keeps your logo readily visible to the captain, crew and visitors.

The Perfect PlotterTM:

  • Works with any map, nautical chart, or GPS
  • Pocket sized for hikers, or larger size for kayakers and other boaters.
  • Replaces boaters parallel rulers, rolling rulers, traditional plotters
  • Ideal for use while at the helm (large plotting table not needed).
  • Impervious to rain and water. Ideal for hikers and use on smaller boats.
  • A great “back-up system” when GPS or electrical system fails.