Bus Safety Snap

Bus Safety Snap

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Over 1000 children are forgotten on school buses each year. Never forget a child in a bus again.

The Bus Safety SnapTM is a Child Safety Alert System that helps drivers remember that they have a “CHILD IN BUS”. It is used in all buses in city/town school systems in two states and a Head Start agency. Attached to the highly visible lanyard is a metal snap. Included in the system is metal loop on a bracket that can be mounted in the rear of the bus.  The lanyard snaps into this loop when there are no children in the bus. When the driver does their morning walkthrough, they will unsnap the lanyard from the loop and place the lanyard around their neck. 

The driver wears the lanyard until all the children leave and the bus driver does another walkthrough. The driver then removes the lanyard and snaps it back into the loop in the rear of the bus for the next trip.  The bus has been checked for any forgotten children. 

If the walkthrough is forgotten, the visible Bus Safety SnapTM lanyard worn by the driver will remind the driver, coworkers, and others that there might be a “CHILD IN BUS”.

We can add your logo. The Baby Safety SnapTM is an ideal way for a pupil transportation provider, city, state, school, or any business to show the community that they care about the safety of children in buses. Call for quantity discounts. 

The Bus Safety SnapTM is inexpensive, easy to install, easy to use, and super reliable. It also provides visible assurances that the system is in use. Students, parents and teachers will all see that the pupil transportation provider is making every effort to ensure the best safety for the children. 

Increase your sales of transportation services by promoting your use of the Bus Safety Snap in all of your buses. Attach a Bus Safety Snap to the cover of every bid or proposal.

Two stainless steel self-tapping screws are provided with the loop bracket. Installation takes about two minutes. The Bus Safety SnapTM is usually used to supplement a previously installed electronic Child Safety Alert System. We offer the only Child Safety Alert System that continually provides visual proof to school administrators and parents that it is helping to protect their children. The Bus Safety SnapTM never has an electrical malfunction and it cannot be turned off.

A breakaway on the lanyard is included for additional safety.  The Bus Safety SnapTM is patented, and the name Bus Safety Snap is a trademark of Loon Ventures LLC.