Dog Safety Snap

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A police dog dies in a hot car every month. More than a thousand pets die in hot cars every year.

The Dog Safety Snap system helps drivers remember that they have a “DOG IN CAR”. Attached to the highly visible lanyard is a metal snap. Included in the system is metal ring attached to a bright yellow reflective cord that can be looped around a car head rest support or the handle over the door.  The lanyard snaps into this ring when there is no dog in the car. When the dog is placed in the car, the driver will unsnap the lanyard from the ring and place the lanyard around their neck. 

The driver wears the lanyard until they reach their destination. The driver then removes the lanyard and snaps it back into the ring for the next driver.  The dog is safe and leaves the vehicle with the driver. 

Dogs and drivers are safe when the dog is secured in the back seat. The Dog Safety Snap helps remind the driver that there is a dog in the car. 

If the dog is forgotten, the visible Dog Safety Snap lanyard worn by the driver will remind the driver, family members, coworkers and even strangers on the street that there is a “DOG IN CAR”. 

The Dog Safety Snap can also be used as a promotional item and given to those that purchase or adopt new dogs or veterinary services. Call or email for quantity discounts.

A special K9 version is available for police officers who often wear gloves when handling their dogs. It has poly carabiner that is easy to handle. It also has a metal loop bracket that can be fastened in the police car. This for hanging the Dog Safety Snap. Stainless steel screws are included. The ring with reflective cord is provided for use in a second vehicle. Review the Police Dog Safety Snap if interested in these features.