Police Dog Safety Snap

Police Dog Safety Snap

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A police dog dies in a hot car every month. This is their leading cause of death.

  • The Police Dog Safety Snap system helps officers remember that they have a “DOG IN CAR”. Attached to the highly visible lanyard is a metal snap. The system includes a metal loop bracket that can be fastened in the police car. This for hanging the Dog Safety Snap. Stainless steel screws are included. A ring with reflective cord is provided for use in a second vehicle. The lanyard snaps into this metal ring bracket when there is no dog in the car. When the dog is placed in the car, the officer will unsnap the lanyard from the ring and place the lanyard around their neck. 

The officer wears the lanyard until they reach their destination. The officer then removes the lanyard and snaps it back into the ring for the next driver.  The dog is safe and leaves the vehicle with the driver.

The Police Dog Safety Snap helps remind the officer, coworkers and family members that there is a dog in the car.  

If the dog is forgotten, the visible Dog Safety Snap lanyard worn by the officer will remind the driver, coworkers and  and family that there is a “DOG IN CAR”.

The Police Dog Safety Snap has a light weight poly carabiner that is easier to open with gloved hands. K9 officers often wear gloves when working with dogs or when training dogs. The carabiner is provided in place of the standard bold stap provided with our Dog Safety Snap used with pets.

Substantial discounts are available when purchased by law enforcement officers or government agencies. A logo can be added. Call 617-769-0001 or email mhubert@loonventures.com for additional information.